When Things Get Harder it’s Just Getting Better

We are apart of this world. Mother nature, the planets, the wind, the sea and all around us are apart harderof us and we as humans are usually feeling we are not. But then disaster hits. Fire, hurricane, tornado, floods you name she shows us we need to respect that what is around us. If we are unable to respect ourselves or our neighbours how can we respect the very earth below our feet. That is what this cry around the world is saying. The planets are showing us with retrograde. Slowing down so we can see clearer.

Step into this new cycle of life fully aligned with your Spirit. Mother Nature is calling us to be her stewards and her envoys in the world. We represent Her needs, which are our truest needs.

We don’t need more things. Especially if we are manufacturing it and adding more damage to our world. We are at a point in our world where things feel oh so hard. This is so we can dig deep within our soul to allow for our light to shine bright.

You have a choice about how you’ll create this new life story. Allow Magic in!
Embodiment, Sensuality and Manifestation. It’s about being here on earth in a body- enjoying it AND at the same time staying aligned with the path of integrity, spiritual maturity, mastery.

We are being called to know when to rise above and know when to drop down below. Too much of either keeps us stuck in shadow and light without finding the balance and wholeness we are searching for.

This is a month of navigating the heights and the depths– theecstasy and the agony- all from a centered space as though we are the center of the wheel and not the spokes in constant motion.

We are being given the opportunity to truly understand that this is all the lila (the Divine Play of life) and that we cannot integrate it all until we have experienced and embodied it all-LIGHT AND SHADOW…”

Ram Das says ‘be here now’ and this New Moon/month is all about being here now– through it all. Through the ups and downs, ins and outs, good and bad, light and shadow.

The good news is that the downs, outs, bad and shadow are definitely less present this month than in the last two- almost like the Universe giving us a little reprieve and reward for allthe hard work done in recent months.

When you are learning how to surf bigger waves the moment you master a particular level it’s time to up level and move to something more difficult. This month is like a sacred pause- in between big lessons and the next wave coming in.

This will give us an opportunity to bring our earth energy into balance that our bodies desperately need with so much energy running through us.

Mama G

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