Below are suggestions to help with video livestream challenges:

  • Make sure your computer speakers are turned on so you can hear us 🙂
  • We always recommend watching via your computer or laptop, rather than your phone or other handheld device, such as an Ipad, Iphone or Android. However, those options can work if you don’t have a computer accessible.
  • Your ability to connect to the livestream and also watch the recording will heavily rely on the speed of your internet. Having high speed internet is best and be sure you’re in a location with a strong internet signal.
  • To ensure the best connection, make sure all of your internet browser windows are closed, so the only window open on your computer screen is the video screen.
  • If you are hearing an echo, it’s likely that you have two browser windows open playing the livestream at the same time. So go ahead and close one of your browsers.
  • If your connection gets disrupted, you can attempt to watch via another browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Or you can also go ahead and re-boot your computer and double check that your Internet connection is strong.
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