How to make the right choose every time


If you are looking for answers, the best thing to do is pause, get still and listen._

Cultivating the ability to listen to our inner wisdom, our heart, our soul, our intuition is perhaps the most important skill we will ever learn.


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If you simply traded all the time you spend defending why you can’t have the life you desire and instead took up the practice of genuinely listening, your whole life would change.

And when you know how to listen to your own wisdom, you then have the ability to genuinely listen to others, instead of waiting for your turn to talk.

Listening is the fastest path to success.

Water is my happy place and helps me hear the whispers of my intuition even louder.

Where do you hear your whispers?

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Cup of Love from the Guru Mama.  xo

Starting at the Start Line

Sounds like a crazy statement ~ of course you start at the start line. Where else would you start?thankful

Sometimes in life you feel you are far from that start line. Somewhere in the middle and life is rolling along. Then the carpet seems to be rolled up and you are at the start line again.

That is what the energies are doing to us right now,. When I say energies I meaning that astrologically up in the sky where the planets and stars align affect us. Why? There is something called gravitation. This affects everyone. It plays no distinction on who or what you are. When the line up in a certain way it pulls at us. It stirs up emotions and feelings at times. Even has an effect on the weather, tides and oh yea women’s cycles.

We as a consciousness have been a little out of it with understanding this all. We have moved so fast forward (so we think) that we have a disconnect with the earth or Gaia as many of us call her.

Having to re~boot right now is what is happening? Being at a start line is a time to re~evaluate, re-look at, re~boot. These are only a few Re’s. When you feel this happening and it feels like you have been cursed or life is throwing more shit your way or you just feel you are in a funk.

▪ Get a reiki ~ book in a healing

▪ Put on some funky music and dance

▪ Take a nap

▪ Journal

▪ Get a reading

▪ Drive out into nature or the mountains or a lake

▪ Go to a local nursery and look or buy some plants

Taking a couple steps for yourself will help you. For me restarting is not a new thing. Each time it feels like a bitch. But when I get through it all wow what a difference it has made to my soul. How much closer I feel to self. I am rebuilding my website and this giving me a chance to re think of what I want. How I want it. Yes it is going to be a journey but one that i knew I had to do.

I hope you take time to know your soul during this restart time. You will blossom. Call in your inner Goddess and let her Radiate and shine. Call in The Goddess Durga for protection and boundaries. We are going through a sacred time. So honour thy self.

Remember when you are at a start line does not mean you failed, or your a loser. You have time to check out what has been working and what isn’t.


The tree of advice. We have come to this lovely place called earth to go on a earth walk of life. We treecome to meet people, fall in love, fall out of love, get married, have children and the list goes on. A lot of time we rush thru it and don’t just be. You know the saying. “Time just got away from me.” or “Time Just passed me by.” Yikes.

What a world. In our journey there is so much joy and yes sorrow. I know many of you are feeling the transitions happening in the world around us. Many are getting into fear, others don’t want to get into the fear. Lets begin to look at the joy around us. Change can be scary. In my life big change is an ever happening thing. From homes, to work, to life in general. But what is always constant is my inner self. My inner self or my inner B continues to be strong even when my mind is telling me different. When my two eyes are seeing the shit flying around my third eye is saying peace.

Change happens and the timing of some of it isn’t what we think it should be. Did you catch that? What we think it should be. We have an idea of what is good and bad. How we experience it and feel it, is up to us. When life is giving you what feels like the dump of shit. What should you do?

  • Meditation, quiet time.
  • Mama G’s Bath bomb Bath.
  • Journal
  • Be open to abundance and positive energy in all ways as it comes to you.
  • Prayer
  • Do you a set of Mala Beads, start to use them
  • Exercise, go for a walk. Do you do Yoga? YouTube a yoga relaxation

I do understand change and all the stresses it gives us. I get it. I know that bitching and complaining about it isn’t going to help it. Having a good cry will help. Talking to a good friend and releasing. Then listening. Listening to that inner voice that says, how about if you do this? or Go for a walk? Take a nap.

Listening to the body and what it is telling you is important. It is the first point of access tothe world around you.

And if all else isn’t working DANCE! Get up and shake your body and feel the vibes. Know that you are vibrate and you are moving.

I just want you all to know. That time can slip away from us and that in being in the now. This helps with the changes of life. So Dance! Just take one step and don’t get in the shit storm.
And if it gets too much take a time out.