Starting at the Start Line

Sounds like a crazy statement ~ of course you start at the start line. Where else would you start?thankful

Sometimes in life you feel you are far from that start line. Somewhere in the middle and life is rolling along. Then the carpet seems to be rolled up and you are at the start line again.

That is what the energies are doing to us right now,. When I say energies I meaning that astrologically up in the sky where the planets and stars align affect us. Why? There is something called gravitation. This affects everyone. It plays no distinction on who or what you are. When the line up in a certain way it pulls at us. It stirs up emotions and feelings at times. Even has an effect on the weather, tides and oh yea women’s cycles.

We as a consciousness have been a little out of it with understanding this all. We have moved so fast forward (so we think) that we have a disconnect with the earth or Gaia as many of us call her.

Having to re~boot right now is what is happening? Being at a start line is a time to re~evaluate, re-look at, re~boot. These are only a few Re’s. When you feel this happening and it feels like you have been cursed or life is throwing more shit your way or you just feel you are in a funk.

▪ Get a reiki ~ book in a healing

▪ Put on some funky music and dance

▪ Take a nap

▪ Journal

▪ Get a reading

▪ Drive out into nature or the mountains or a lake

▪ Go to a local nursery and look or buy some plants

Taking a couple steps for yourself will help you. For me restarting is not a new thing. Each time it feels like a bitch. But when I get through it all wow what a difference it has made to my soul. How much closer I feel to self. I am rebuilding my website and this giving me a chance to re think of what I want. How I want it. Yes it is going to be a journey but one that i knew I had to do.

I hope you take time to know your soul during this restart time. You will blossom. Call in your inner Goddess and let her Radiate and shine. Call in The Goddess Durga for protection and boundaries. We are going through a sacred time. So honour thy self.

Remember when you are at a start line does not mean you failed, or your a loser. You have time to check out what has been working and what isn’t.

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