Mary June Tracy ~ The Guru Mama enables you to receive insight that can profoundly rock your world. Her incredibly accurate and detailed readings have amazed clients.Mary will answer questions regarding love, work, your spiritual journey and more!  Mary’s channels with the Angels, guides, and source is very sharp and will pick up on the energy you are going through and more importantly, she will guide you using messages the angels, guides, spirits wants to direct to you. Mary June reads for clients all over the world and these readings are just as accurate and amazing as in-person readings.

Readings are  on Zoom 

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Email Readings

Sometimes you want the answer now, but it’s not a convenient time or you are not in Calgary, AB. That’s okay!  You can send your questions to Mama Guru and she’ll answer them for you.

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Monthly Tarot Horoscope  Delivered to your Inbox

What I offer to you is messages from your angels, planets and beyond. Each month I will send to your inbox a channeled message.  I will use your DOB and you may have questions for that month.  The message will be delivered the first week of each month.

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Mary June Tracy ~ The Guru Mama is a soul-centered teacher, psychic medium, mentor to many men and women, wife, mama & Grandma.  She created The Journey Club membership as a place to grow, as a beautiful, powerful sanctuary and training program for women and men wanting to live inspired, creative, prosperous lives and businesses. She’ll show you it is never too late to begin your dream journey, to be inspired and to inspire others.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your lovely crazy journey this is the place to start.

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Astro Tarot Readings

Discover what your astrological energy is primed for you to do. Is it a good time to apply for a job? Maybe you should be focusing on your creativity. Find out!

In this personalized 15-minute video that I will email to you, I will read your astrological charts for the current day to bring awareness about the energies going on around you. Astrologically, I’ll be looking at your day’s transits. No one has a chart like you, so each person’s reading will be different based on where the planets are now and where they were at your birth. You will need to supply your birth date, birth time (ideally, if available), and birthplace.




Please be sure you understand my Karma-Friendly Cancellation Policy prior to booking any service.

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