Magic School

~Magic School ~

Mama G has is solidarity Practitioner studied in the Fae Shamanism, Celtic ways of witchcraft & has worked with Voodoo & Hoodoo Priests.   Mama’s experience is extensive in the art of Magic & after 30 odd years in Magic studies is wanting to share her gifts and talents with you.

What is magic school is a practical look on many area’s of magic.

  • Spell casting,
  • spell writing,
  • circle casting,
  • drawing the moon,
  • Goddess Chakra,
  • Different forms of Divination ~ Tarot, oracle, Angel cards, scrying
  • Medicine Wheels
  • Crystals ~ There purposes,  ~ How to charge them.
  • Herbs.

The School will begin Jan 2019.  We will have  classes starting in the fall, winter & Spring. with a little Summer Break.  


Goddess Chakra workshop

This 8 week class will introduce a different Goddess aligning to the 7 chakra’s.  Beginning at the root up to the Crown.   Each Goddess will be infused in a river that you have chosen.  You paint your rock, decorate the way you wish.

This rock will then become infused with you your Goddess energy through an attunment.   After all the rocks are attuned will work on healing techniques with the rocks, how to use them in meditation, on your altar, in healing sessions & more.

This powerful healing modalities was channeled to Mama G in 2008 & is coming back out of the vault to aid in the healing of ourselves & the earth.

All 8 weeks are recorded and you can watch at your leisure.  You may down load them.  Everything is in a private FB group, anytime you have questions I will be close by.

Cost $33.33

The Art of Tarot  Levle 1 ~ cards not just for readings

Learn all about the journey of the Fool through Life. The encounters that come from his or her travels. The joys and the lows.  How they interplay with our own lives.    Learn about the different layouts and how they can be keys to different realms.

This is an 6 week course online ready for you to start now.  You need a tarot deck.  No experience is necessary. The course is for beginners to Expert.

Everything is online and in a Facebook page.

Cost 33.33 online recorded for you. ~ 


Spell Casting 101

Have you ever wondered why your spells don’t always work?  Have your ever cast a circle for your spells? Written your own spells?

Welcome to Spell Casting.  This is a fun workshop, we bring in the deity’s, days of the weeks, Angels & little more zest.     We will cover days of the week, times, moon energy.  You will also learn how to write spells, keep Book of Shadows.   This is an 8 week workshop all online ready for you to dig in .  You will be added to a private fb group where you can download the videos. And ask questions.  Also be a part of a safe environment with like minded people.

  • Week 1 Introduction to Spell Casting
  • Week 2 How to write and spell and Perform a spell
  • Week 3 To Curse or not to Curse?????
  • Week 4 Moon Magic
  • Week 5 Working Magic with the Ancestors
  • Week 6 Sacred Journey work with casting a spell
  • Week 7 Kitchen magic
  • Week 8 Divination introduction, using a pendulum, tarot & oracle cards etc.

Cost $33.33 ~ 

Spell Casting Next level

Let’s Step into the next level of Spell Casting Using Herbs and oils.   We learn how to make a mojo bags, develop blends of psychic oils,  make oinments for flying (hehe),  hex breaking blends and herbs and so much more.  Class begins Feb 26.   8 weeks.  7 pm on Zoom live. Every class is recorded.  Pre-requist Spell Cast level 101

You will  receive a list of herbs and oils you will need to gather.   Once your register I will send your list. You may purchase from myself or where ever you wish.

Clean our your old jars to get them ready to be filled with lots of lovely herbs & magic.

Cost $222





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