Journey Club 

Journey Club   

Begins Sept 13 2021~ 8 weeks 


Journey Club 

Begins Sept 13  Monday   ~ 6:30 pm

  •  Harness your authentic self
  • Set your goals and dreams and actually make them happen
  • Discover your true purpose
  • Guide you to your inner-self or, as I call it, your inner B
  • Feel beautiful and confident from the inside out
  • Reprogram your beliefs
  • Bust through what’s holding you back
  • Dream big and achieve
  • Gain the confidence to really put yourself out there
  • Back yourself with 100% self-being
  • What do you Value?
  • Why are they important?
  • Setting up Daily Meditation

Learn the big “F”… forgiveness

We will meet each Monday 6:30 pm.  All classes are taught live on Zoom and recorded.  You receive a recorded of the class, even if you miss a session no worries.  You will receive weekly course material & Meditations.


  • o I have completed four full courses of journey club and I can definitively say they were some of the most incredible experiences of my life. Going through all the layers of programming and manufactured belief systems all designed to keep you from yourself. It allowed me to heal and to step back from others judgements and not take them seriously or personally. Allowed me to step into my own divine higher self and realize the power we ALL truly possess and how to use your magic in order to create your best life possible. Get you to really sit with yourself and be clear on your dreams and your wants and desires and what steps and actions you can take in order to manifest those dreams into reality. I always tended to have an “evil” outlook on money but once being taught about how it’s just another form of energy exchange and it’s what we choose to use that money for which creates the evil action I Looooove money and have more than I ever thought I could. I grew up very poor and never saw myself travelling although it was something I deeply desired and also wanting to connect with more people. I’ve managed to teach myself 3015 words in Spanish so far and went to Mexico and chichen itza last December all by myself and had the time of my life. Currently halfway through taking an English teaching certification course and I know I wouldn’t of been able to achieve all I have without the spiritual foundation Mama was able to teach me.
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    A friend of mine who took Journey Club introduced me to Mama G and told me I had to take this course. I’ve taken many different courses about vision and goal planning and for personal growth, so at first I was a little apprehensive and thought it would just be like the other courses I had taken. But Journey Club was so much more! It was absolutely transformational! I started JC a year after my ex-husband and father of my children passed away and shortly before I started my company. During the process of opening my business I had so many trials and challenges. Without JC and the support I received from Mama G I don’t know if I would have made it! By learning to work through my fears, do the shadow work, realize my inner Goddess, and all the other lessons I learned through Journey Club I was so much better equipped for the challenges and for life in general! I also made some amazing connections with the other women in the group and appreciate their support. Can’t express enough how incredible Journey Club is and how transformational and beneficial it is. I recommend everyone take Journey Club!
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    Amanda Loewen

    Your investment $444   

    Once you make your investment you will find doors begin to open for new ways more abundance to come through. Please email for payment plans

12 months  of $40/month 

6 months $80/month 

 3 payment $150

Full Payment 

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