The etheric realm is where all of your juicy vibrational action happens first. Your intentions, feelings, desires and energy all hang out in this Divine holding space for you to align with them and then ALLOW life to welcome them into your world. So scrumptious.

You’re creating this magic on a moment-by-moment basis.

Your current reality (as in, right now) is a mere echo of the energy that has played out on the non-physical plane first. So it’s vital we learn how to nurture our relationship with the unseen world and make sure that the right energy is being sent there in order for it to be bounced back to us with razor-sharp accuracy.

Ask yourself the following 3 “power questions” to delve into making sure that the unseen world will release your goodies from the vibrational warehouse of awesomeness.

How can I raise my vibration?

A great way to manifest at a lightening fast pace is to ask yourself how you can raise your vibration. The higher your vibration, the more in alignment with your desires you are. Thus, you are releasing the energetic blocks that sometimes constrict the flow and stop the Law of Attraction from working her magic.

Creative ways that people raise their vibration is through meditation, doing things they love or perhaps surrounding themselves in inspiration that sparks a heart-based reaction in their souls.

Dancing, cooking, love-making, shopping, being in nature – whatever floats your boat, just do it.

#SoulNote: Check in on your energy and see how you can serve your soul by focussing on things to appreciate. This is a high-vibe activity that will shift energy like wildfire.

How can I connect to the Universe?

The concept that we are separate from others and the Universe (or God) is a big fat whopping illusion. It’s a lie to keep us small.

We are all part of the same exquisite fabric of Oneness, and we are all in this together.

When you ask yourself how you can connect to the Universe, you need to ask how you can remind yourself of the innate connection you have always had. Whether it’s through prayer, meditation, getting out into nature – it’s important that you remember that you are part of a much bigger picture and that the unseen world is more your home than the bricks and mortar that currently house you in this physical realm.

Simple meditation you can do is: Hands over your heart, right over left. Bring what you feel is your disconnection, your worry, your stress, frustration…… Then think of 3 things you are grateful for. Sit with those gratitudes. Now ask what can I do? Show me the way? In that moment you and your Universe, God are one. You are at peace and when you are at peace, joy, love you can not be disconnected

SoulNote: Your role is to remember your connection to the Universe and that your soul is infinite LOVE.

How can I imprint my sub-conscious mind?

Rituals are huge way of impacting the sub-conscious mind. Why because they are repetitive. We can do this simply or in detail. In ritual I embrace the 3 in 1, body, mind and soul. Using different elements around me, crystals, incense or essential oil diffusers, herbs, plants, or flowers. And the biggest of rituals or add in working with the subconscious is helping those who want the same thing you are wanting. You may say you can’t do this because you don’t feel you have what it takes. But you will find others who may have less than you do, less knowledge, understanding, ability in someway. When you begin to help others you begin to help your self this is a huge little ritual because in that magic you are igniting love which is within you to give. As you bring in the elements you bring in the divine to guide you on this quest.
POW The magic, awesomeness begins, because you find that you radiate even more, which gives others to radiate it more. You then find what the sub-conscious mind had written before becomes unwritten and renewed.

Click on the link below will take you to the Abundance meditation. I will keep this link up for to try out if you didn’t try it before….
Meditation for Abundance with Angel Gadiel

Mama G

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