$160~ Reading/Coaching approx 1hour. 

All readings are online Live & Recorded via Zoom

Reading ~ May consist of the use of Tarot, Oracle or Angel cards.   You may ask for specific card reading ie “Tarot”.

Coach Session ~ My coaching sessions ~ Business, work/career, love life, spirituality/self-esteem.

Payments etransfer ~  all prices are in Canadian  or PayPal.   You may choose to pay $160

 $160 Payment –

Mini Readings

Coffee Corner

Prosperity Reading

We all know that money isn’t everything, but financial security is important and brings us peace of mind and security. If you want to know where your finances are heading and/or if your career is in the right track then this reading is perfect for you!

Mama G will draw 5 cards from her Tarot deck and 5 from an oracle deck.  You will receive a video and audio of your reading  sent to you! No appointment. 

Reading all about prosperity, finances, and success!

The Financial Issue

External Influences

Internal Influences

What is Required

The Resolution

Cost for this Reading $35.00

You may pay by etransfer ~

Faith Trust, Believe & Pray Reading!

I will break these down into 4 part reading with 4 messages.    Using your DOB, I look at ephermeris, and connect to your angels and guides.  To give you the direction you need most right now.

Message #1

Your DOB and see where the planets where sitting on your day. How do they influenece your energies.

Message #2

I will draw a card from the Archangel decks to give you a message from the angels .

Message #3

A channeled message along with Goddess on which direction you need to begin to take on your spiritual journey.

Message #4

What crystal should you be carring.  I will choose a crystal for to carry with and meditate with.  I will give you the meaning of crystal and the Angel alignment.

Cost for this reading is $35.   sent to you no appointment!

You may pay by etransfer ~

Love Reading

Bringing in the emotions of joy for your reading. Stepping forward with the pure energy of love & Joy. How you can begin to create that in your life.

When we feel  Joy & Gratitude,  we feel great about ourselves. We feel confident, powerful, capable, lovable and fulfilled. These are all great reasons to experience more joy in our life but sometimes we get so busy we don’t notice that our lives are lacking joy and we don’t even know where to start to bring more to our lives.

In this brand new reading, Mama G  will tell you where you need to bring more Love & Joy into your life (career, relationships, health, spiritually). Listen as Mama G  gives you some tips on how you can  achieve more joy in your life today!  This reading is sent to you. No appointment.

Cost for this Love Reading is $35

You may pay by etransfer ~

Psychic Email Reading

Have you got questions that need to be answered now?unnamed

The Guru Mama clairvoyants can tune into your future and give you answers to your questions. All the psychics can offer advice about present situations using their tarot or angel cards.

To have your email reading send me a photo of you if you can, plus a list of all of your questions. 

I will send you the answers to your questions within 24 hours.

Email readings will be sent to you after you make a payment.

When you have an Extensive Reading it is a combination of Future, Spirit, Clairvoyance, and use of Psychic skills.

A Clairvoyant reading is from Spirit and your past loved ones, the clairvoyant medium will pass on any messages spirit has for you, regarding your everyday and future.

1 QUESTION 26.25
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