Manifesting Moon Magic

Manifesting Moon Magick

The moon is powerful. It controls the tides of the Ocean, our cycles as a women. Farmers watch the moon phases for planting, growing, & harvesting.   The moon goes thru a 28 to 28.5 day cycle. Full moon to Full moon. Each phase signifies when to rest, let go, and then when to embrace and move forward.  

Harnessing this power help us to embrace the power to manifest, blissful, magickal, scrumptious, conscious, and vibrantly illuminating life of health, wealth and love.   I will show exactly how to begin this beautiful transformation. Using the moon energies everyday.

The moon is my place to release, to embrace and sometimes to connect with an old friend.  I have learned that over the years how we talk and embrace the different energies of the moon has guided me to build a business and life that is supporting myself and family. Plus there is so much more I want to do.   Working with the moon is fulfilling and guide us through are day.

With each moon phase we will have worksheets to work with.  Meditation for each phase. All posted in our own exclusive FB Group.   Talk about the astrological energies of the week and how that will influence the moon and your energies. 

The cost to receive, all of this plus astrology insight. 

$20/month.  you can opt out at anytime.  

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