Manifesting Some Cool Ass Shit with Magic

Tree of Manifesting

Manifesting Magick

Taking the mystery out of manifesting —to create rapid, repeatable results— is a truly privilege that never grows old.

That being the case I want to lift the veil on the ONE skill to learn that allows you to manifest in really short order.

Harnessing this power help us to embrace the power to manifest, blissful, magickal, scrumptious, conscious, and vibrantly illuminating life of health, wealth and love.   I will show exactly how to begin this beautiful transformation. Using the moon energies and other beautiful elements that we have available to us.

 Join me for a 4 week mini manifesting power house journey. Taking the beginning steps in the AWAKENING your powers of Creative Being.

November 14  ~ Wednesday 7 pm Mountain Time.  we will begin on Zoom live.  (This is a very simple and free app you can down load)  Zoom is a teaching tool for us to share see each other and record the lessons for you. 

Cost $99 Plus the Bonus 1 hr one on one with me coaching session. 

Why should you take this course.  I find it so easy to forgetten a HUGE part of who we are.  I see us fly under the radar and it is our birth right to embrace our magick making abilities.  To Create a conscious world of our making. With out apologies. 

Join me November 14 for 4 weeks.  Awakening your inner Sourcesses ~ Unlocking your creative power to Manifesting with Certainity.

Payments through etransfer or Paypal

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