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At the Guru Mama House, we get up to some fun-loving spiritual practices that will change your life – for the better.

Mary June Tracy, or Mama G as she is often called, is a psychic medium, spiritual love of life coach, Journey Club founder, and Reiki Master. She loves to share her wisdom with others, so she created the following events and courses to share her knowledge with you. She’ll show you that it is never too late to begin your dream journey, to be inspired or to inspire others.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your lovely crazy journey this is the place to start.

Coffee Corner TV

Join Mama G on Periscope & Facebook Live Monday to Friday around 9:00 am to 9:30 am for some soul-centered conversation, card readings, meditations, and more! Mama G’s Coffee Corner is a place to come and hang out, listen, chime in if you want, and learn something about yourself and this magical world. Together we re-member what it means to live every minute in our juicy scrumptiousness of our light.

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40 Day Rejuvenation On Forgiveness 

We will begin August 1 to Sept 9 ~  Every morning I will be on our Private Facebook page doing our Kriya for the 40 days.  The Kriya is to help us to forgive our selves, others & situations with in our lives ~ Past, Present & Future. 

Kriya ~A series of one or more exercises or postures in combination with pranayama, locks, chanting, visualization, projection, etc., in specific sequence designed to produce specific effects. Kundalini Yoga kriyas are centuries old. The total effect of a kriya is greater than the sum of its parts. ‘Kriya’ literally means ‘work’ or ‘action’.

You will be a part of an on going growing community of beautiful supporting women eager for renewal and awareness with in there lives.

Exchange for the 40 days $188  Less than going to a yoga studio everyday. 

Join me on this journey as it leads up to Journey Club Manifesting Magic That begins Sept 9



Magic School ~

Are you ready for Magick?
The oracles say YES …  ( new class will begin in October 2018)

Magick has a long, rich, and sometimes bizarre history. From earliest times, humans have sought to interpret the world around them as a means of communicating with deity or to foretell the future. From reading the signs in the elements and the skies, to evoking oracles, to casting grains, peas, yarrow sticks, bones, cowrie shells and much, much more, to, designing elaborate, esoteric systems, we seek to give meaning to our inner and outer worlds. 

 Magick is for those who are wanting to discover the many elements to a magic.   Studying Goddesses Chakras,  Tarot ( not just for reading) ,  Spell casting. 

Each Class is recorded and uploaded for you to watch and enjoy and your convince on the Active Facebook group.

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Goddess Chakra workshops Begins Sept 10 to  Oct 29.

Every Monday evening we will discover a new Goddess aligning with your 7 Chakras.   We will use river rocks for each Goddess.   These Goddess Rocks can be used for meditation, healing and creating sacred space.  

Understanding the chakras is a powerful tool. The chakras relate to our beliefs, fears, needs and desires as humans and when we understand this beautiful system, we are able to transform and heal. 

Each chakra relates to a different part of the body and governs different aspects of our beings. The chakras are : root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. 

The Chakras can be explored via so many healing modalities, but I was gifted by the Goddess,  that I drew from Goddess mythology. Many of the Goddesses relate to traits we find within the chakras. The ones that I use where the ones gifted to me,   suggestion here is to seek advice or inspiration from a Goddess relating to a chakra you feel needs a little love or reawakening. There are many Goddesses that could relate to each chakra, I have selected just one for each but feel free to seek other Goddesses!

We will gather each week seeking power from the Goddesses, Through meditate on their strengths to help find your own, select a power or trait they possess to use as a mantra (i.e strength, wisdom, compassion) or think about channeling one of the goddesses in your day to day actions (I.e What would Aphrodite do?)

Cost $333   or you may  Payments (Contact me for payment plans)  All classes will be on Zoom and recorded

Tarot Cards not Just for readings:

Lets dive into the mystery and magic of the Tarot.  We will beg Sept 18 and take an 8 week Journey to travel Through the levels of the Tarot.  

  • Learn story of the Major Arcana
  • Use the Minor Arcana to make a medicine wheel
  • How different spreads open Magical realms
  • Learn the history

Join me Cost $333 (Payment Plans are available contact me) All Classes will be on zoom and recorded


Spell Casting ~ 

Now who doesn’t want to do a little spell now and again.  But the Magic is to do it right.   Timing is everything . When you are casting a spell it is like a pray with more detail. 

  • Casting a circle or not to cast a circle
  • who you going to call?   ( What deity or Angel or Goddess or God or all.)
  • Time day, hour
  • Phase of the moon
  • oils and/or herbs
  • How to write a spell 

We will journey for 8 weeks  October 11 to  November 29 Every Thursday evening from 6:30 – 9pm.  on Zoom and recorded. 

Cost $333  (payment plans available ) 

All 3 Magic classes $888 or 3 payments of $296 or bi-weekly payments of $150.

Full Payment      



Journey Club Manifesting Magick School

Mary June Tracy ~ The Guru Mama is a soul-centered teacher, psychic medium, mentor to many men and women, wife, mama & Grandma.  She created The Journey Club membership as a place to grow, as a beautiful, powerful sanctuary and training program for women and men wanting to live inspired, creative, prosperous lives and businesses. She’ll show you it is never too late to begin your dream journey, to be inspired and to inspire others.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your lovely crazy journey this is the place to start.

Learn more about this over at the Journey Club page!

Journey Club Magic Manifesting Levels 1 -4

Learn so much about yourself and your dreams in this an 32-week journey Level 1 & 2 September to November ~ Level 3 & 4 January to March.         Where you’ll learn to harness your authentic self, gain confidence, discover your true purpose, and learn the “Big F” – Forgiveness. Which in turns open you to manifesting Magick that is there.

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Want it all and more? Join the Journey Club Membership. 

Spread the Love, Spread the Cheer! 12 months Subscription: including a monthly newsletter with tips How to Make Your Goals Come True! Meditation each month. ~ All 4 Journey Clubs ~ Full Payment $797.00 or Monthly Payments of $67 or 3 payments 297 . Over $1000 value!

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Have Mary June Tracy, the Mama Guru, Come to You!

Love these offerings, but you don’t live in Calgary, AB? Then contact Mama G and express your interest! You never know if you don’t ask.


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