Shamanic Astrology ~ If you’re here, it’s likely because you’ve got a passion for doing just this – re-enchanting our skies. Some of you may be long-time astrologers. And some may know little more about astrology than what you’ve read in a daily horoscope column.  Some of you may already be well-practiced in the shamanic or magical arts. And some may have thought such things only existed in books or movies. Through these workshops, I hope to bridge the gap between our various worlds. Here we’ll explore a new – yet very, very old – way of looking at the cosmos. 

We will Begin Oct 28 Wednesday 6:30 . Class is on Zoom live

Cost $150 CND PayPal – Link is down below or etransfer

Love Thy Self ~  This 8 week workshop live on zoom is a discovery of you. We begin by looking at your natal chart. This giving you a look of you. We dive into boundries & importance of them.  How to create a wonderful relationships with you and others around you.

Begins April 23 ~ June 10

Cost $150   payment etransfer or paypal 

Crystal Grid ~ One day workshop working with crystals.  How different crystals work together.  Where is the best place to put your grid.  workshop is live online & recorded  

April 18 ~ 10-3pm ~


Etransfer or paypal 



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