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At the Guru Mama House, we get up to some fun-loving spiritual practices that will change your life – for the better.

Mary June Tracy, or Mama G as she is often called, is a psychic medium, spiritual love of life coach, Journey Club founder, and Reiki Master. She loves to share her wisdom with others, so she created the following events and courses to share her knowledge with you. She’ll show you that it is never too late to begin your dream journey, to be inspired or to inspire others.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your lovely crazy journey this is the place to start.

Coffee Corner TV

Join Mama G on Periscope & Facebook Live Monday to Friday around 9:00 am to 9:30 am for some soul-centered conversation, card readings, meditations, and more! Mama G’s Coffee Corner is a place to come and hang out, listen, chime in if you want, and learn something about yourself and this magical world. Together we re-member what it means to live every minute in our juicy scrumptiousness of our light.

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FREE Chakra WEBINAR:   Feb 11    1 pm:   This is an hour long webinar to introduce you the chakra’s. What they are and what they do?  How are they when they are out of alignment. 

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Intuition & Mediumship workshop: An online course. We will come together on Zoom to discover your intuition. and develop you connection with spriit. developing your abilities, you’ll learn how to identify when a Spirit is with you and when one is not – so you can begin communicating with those in the Light, who surround us all the time. extend your awareness beyond your physical senses and enhance your psychic abilities.

We begin March  12  6:30 pm ~ 9:30 pm Mountain Standard Time  and meet each Thursday for 4 weeks
Cost $150
Class size is limited.


Release The Old & Step into the New: A beautiful 2 day weekend of releasing old beliefs and letting of the Karma of stuckness.  We work with our thoughts that holds and some we may not even be aware of. We call in your angels and your astrology sign and let’s release and map out our new path.   We are all on the right path yet we may put obstacles in our way.  Join me online Zoom. February 17 – 18 On the 17th will begin @ 6:30pm – 10pm ~ Sunday 11am – 4pm  each day.  Cost ~  $150


Psychic Parties

Spiritual Events Offers two Psychic Party options: one-to-one psychic readings or a Psychic interactive party where you can learn who is psychic in your group of friends!

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Journey Club

Mary June Tracy ~ The Guru Mama is a soul-centered teacher, psychic medium, mentor to many men and women, wife, mama & Grandma.  She created The Journey Club membership as a place to grow, as a beautiful, powerful sanctuary and training program for women and men wanting to live inspired, creative, prosperous lives and businesses. She’ll show you it is never too late to begin your dream journey, to be inspired and to inspire others.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your lovely crazy journey this is the place to start.

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Journey Club Levels 1 -4

Learn so much about yourself and your dreams in this an 8-week journey (for each level – is this correct?) where you’ll learn to harness your authentic self, gain confidence, discover your true purpose, and learn the “Big F” – Forgiveness.

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Want it all and more? Join the Journey Club Membership. 

Spread the Love, Spread the Cheer! 12 months Subscription: including a monthly newsletter with tips How to Make Your Goals Come True! Meditation each month. ~ All 4 Journey Clubs ~ Full Payment $497.00 or Monthly Payments of $45. Over $1000 value!

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Reiki Classes 

Mary June Tracy ~ The Guru Mama teaches Usui Reiki at multiple levels. Check the class offerings for exact levels and dates. In-person classes will be hosted at the Guru Mama House.  If you are not in the area and wish to get your Reiki, we can set up separate date and time and do the teaching via Skype or Zoom for the same price.

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Manifesting Some Cool Ass Shit

Let your inner wisdom be your guide for this 2-day workshop where you’ll define your goals and dreams the set out to actually make them happen. Held at the Guru Mama House, it will be an intimate life-changing experience sure to set you on your path.


Walk the Labyrinth

Mama G currently does not have any dates set to walk the Labyrinth, but she has done so in the past. Check back for later – she may have one scheduled soon.


Have Mary June Tracy, the Mama Guru, Come to You!

Love these offerings, but you don’t live in Calgary, AB? Then contact Mama G and express your interest! You never know if you don’t ask.