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To dream is what makes us unique. Einstein said, “Never give up on what you really want to do.The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.”

Nice quote. I have always been a dreamer. In school I would look out the window and just daydream. To bad you were not graded on this I would of been an A+ student. When we are in day dreaming land we feel like we have endless possibilities. Everything feels fantastic. Then boom we are back to reality and the thought comes in. “That was stupid.” Do you ever have that happen to you? I know I do.

All the reasons come of why you can’t live that succulent, scrumptious life you wanted. You can see them. They are sitting right in front of your face. Those landmines and barriers. You seemed to also have an electrical fence there just give yourself that added shock effect. So we stay there.

Here is a little secret. That dark scariness of your mind that says NO. The one that keeps you in your so called place. Is only a facade your brain. You just need to put some light on to it. When you do WOW!

Fear is an emotion like any other emotion it has a job to do. Fear helps us to stay safe. In staying would be to do the same thing we have learned to do. Not taking a baby step to try something new. Remember when you tried anything new and different. That feeling came over you. Then you tried and you tried it again. All of sudden that fear feeling had dissipated. Fear just likes being the bully and taking up all the space. It wants to be heard. What gives it power is you listen to the fear.

How to overcome? Make a list of all the fears that are stopping you from living your dream. Do it quickly no time to think.

Here are a few examples:
* I’ll never have enough time.
* I don’t have enough money.
* Other people do it better than I so why should I do it.
* When will I stop being overwhelmed?
* Who will I get to help me?

Those are just a few that might run through you head.

Now ripe it up into tiny pieces.

Feel how liberating that feels, and it gives your brain a rest. Now you have space with your head like a new cupboard you just cleaned out. How refreshing.

We can meet our fears with new breath of light. Hearing them yes but it is not getting stuck with them is the key. Moving forward one step allows for you to do a million steps towards your dreams.

Today go and get yourself a dream journal and begin to create your dreams.

Blessings Mama G

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