Down for the Count


Not too sure if you do it. But I sure the hell do. My mind can go to the worse case scenario less than .08secs. I get caught up on where I think I need to be. I see others zooming past me at light speed. I feel there is no way I can catch up to them. So I flop on my bed cuddle up to my computer and Netflix’s and let life drift by. I am down forthe count.

For me I do need down days but now down so low days I feel like crap days. Those arethe days are the days to force yourself to get going on what You need for you. With media, information coming to us so fast we can get more overwhelmed than ever. Don’t let Netflix take your life away. lol ( I like Netflix by the way.) This the time you need to meditate extra, do a prayer and journal to let out that anxiety. Get out of thehouse, go to the park, change up the scenery.

Life can get overloaded. One of my missions is to reach out and give people a hand. I want to be able to reach more people to show them that they are love, they are harmony and your life can be blissful. That is one of the reason’s I am stepping into being a Spiritual Life Coach. It is what I do. But for me it is giving more depth to people and their lives. What does that mean for me? Taking more workshops, reading more books. And allowing my new teachers to come to me so I am able to help others more.

My life can over take me so easily. I know yours can too. If 80 percent of success is, as Woody Allen once said, just showing up, then you need to start showing up for your life. You have gifts that God has given you, it is what you do with is your gift to God.

When I was little I loved the Miss America pageant. It was so glorious and beautiful.The dresses, hair and make up. I loved it. I wanted to do that. But I felt I was not talented or gifted. “You had to be able to sing, dance, or play an instrument. I felt those were the gifts you had to have to be someone. But my mother would look at me and with her wonderful smile. And say those are talents, anyone can learn a talent. But you are a gift and your gifts lay with in your heart. And whenever you smile or hug someone you are giving your gift to them and they to you. Because you are bringing them that something extra special.” At 5 i didn’t get it. But I knew my mom was always right.

When I feel like I down for the count I think of my mom’s words and the love she had for me. And all my worries of whatever I was worried about fades away. That is my gift to you. For you to know, that, you all gifts and the most simplest gifts are themost precious.

Stand in your Love for that is your true core.

Mama G

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