40 Days to Fearlessness




I was chatting with a friend the other day about our fears, both big and small, when she mentioned something interesting. She said that she’d noticed that it’s not the giant, scary fears that have the most serious repercussions in her life on a day-to-day basis but rather, it’s the small pebble in your shoe-variety fears that she struggles with most.

We all have our Loch Ness Monster-esque fears that occasionally rise to the surface, pull us under, and steal our breath away. We let our imaginations run wild as we panic about death and heartbreak and financial ruin, blindly accepting that all these worse case scenarios we indulge are destined to come true. We believe the lies.

Most of the time, though, it’s the less terrifying sorts of fears that hop on our shoulder and ride around with us all day. We worry about not getting enough sleep and being exhausted all the next day as we try to wrestle our little ones into bed and we wonder if we’re steering our older children down the right path. We fret about that awkward phone call we have to make as we do our grocery shopping. We agonize over that text we received from our spouse that seems just a little colder than usual. Is he upset about something? Did something happen at work? Is it me? And then we lay in bed at night, tossing and turning, worried about…well, pretty much everything.

I think sometimes we underestimate what a negative effect these pernicious little pebble fears have on our lives. We grow used to having them around and after a while it doesn’t even occur to us that their might be another way. We forget that it take energy to fret, energy that could be used to kiss round rosy cheeks, dream big dreams with our spouses, plant gardens, write books, and dance in our kitchens.

For many years, these sorts of fears ate away at me and cast a sort of muted quality upon my life as I took to staring blankly at walls, lost in my own anxious thoughts. As my friend was talking, though, it suddenly hit me that somewhere along the way, these anxieties lost their grip on me. I can honestly say that I am not often bothered by them anymore.

Which is not to say, of course, that I am never anxious or fearful, but simply that fear is no longer my constant companion. I still worry about things from time to time but I now know how to keep those fears from taking over my life.

As we enter this season of Lent ( which the time before Easter ), I want to share with you some of the lessons I’ve learned and steps I’ve taken to kick these pebble fears out of my way and off the path God, Divine, Higher Self, has laid before me. And I want to challenge you to do the same. Because, honestly, if I can overcome my fears, anyone can. I mean that very sincerely.

Identify one small fear that has been eating away at you. (As a priest once told me, when it comes to the spiritual life, it is hugely important to take baby steps.) Then, bring that fear out into the light by naming it and resolving to conquer it.

Fear wants us to feel ashamed and isolated. He whispers to us that no one is as weak or worthless as we are. Fear is a liar. The truth is that we all stumble and fall and we are all lifted up over and over again by our Divine. By sharing our struggles with one another, we will be reminded that we’re not alone.

Commit to helping someone or Praying for someone you know. Just because.

Share this challenge with anyone you think might benefit from joining us because the more people we can convince to join us, the more powerful our witness will be.

If you’d like to share your experience, get inspiration, request prayers, or ask for tips. Facebook Me Mary June Tracy

Do a happy dance because life on the other side of fear is a beautiful thing, indeed.

Money Money Money

Tree of Life
Tree of Life

Attracting your needs


It has taken me awhile to figure out money is energy. That it is okay to like money. Growing up we seem to have enough. I couldn’t really tell you because it was a taboo subject. You would think that seeing angels or reading tea leaves would be taboo.,. LOL Nope money. It was the one thing that was untouchable.

Which made me very horrible handler when it comes to money. When someone would ask me for money ~ someone meaning~ Hubby, kids other people. I would just Cringe inside. This is a huge part of my internal core that I am releasing and as I do brings up other attachments.

Now I have done mantra’s for 40 days, 80 days, 300 days. actually. I have done spells to attract money. Done burning ceremonies and have gone sweats and visions quests. Each of this has transformed me in ways spiritual that are totally awesome. They have bought me to know me. They have taught me how to listen and be at peace. The biggest lesson is…… It is all with in me. What the world can do for me is support me. Gaia the greatest Goddess of Abundance gives and then gives again. She shares all she has with us. Nourishing our bodies. Everything else is inside of us. We can get so caught up in doing and being something or someone else. When all we have to is Believe.

fantasy unicorn trees forest


Affirmations are a huge way of making a belief with in us. Examples I am not good enough, I will never earn enough money. That is my last $20.

As you read this you say that is fucked up. Those are so silly. But they are a belief that we all have in some way, form and action we do each day to our selves. Crazy right. Adopting new affirmations is what is needed. But it needs to be done everyday.

The Law of Attraction


What we believe we attract. What we say to ourselves we attract. The image is there and the feeling is there.

If your attitude about money, success, prosperity & abundance in general—is that you’re lacking, that’s exactly what you’re going to have coming:

not enough!

POOF! It is not.

One of the best things you can is to take a good step back & look at all the wonderful, scrumptious things that are happening in your life that you CAN be grateful for. It doesn’t have to be something monumental—though those things count, too!—it can be something so small that you might not even realize you’re grateful for it until you examine it a little more closely. And it’s one of the best feelings to realize that, while your life might not be exactly how you envision it, that there are plenty of things happening that you can, in fact, be super-grateful for. You might be far more prosperous & successful than you realize!


This Year I declare it to be EPIC

I am a Soulful Teacher attracting love, prosperity and all that is scrumptious into my life. Last year was a huge game changer ~ wonderful year of contrast. Leading me to here.

This year The Guru Mama House is changing. It is a House of attacking those who want to learn abundance, love, peace, and living a scrumptious life.

That means you have to be open to receive. You have to be open to planting the seed and trusting Gaia is supplying the rest.

Blessings Mama G xo


light is in the dark
light is in the dark



Are you a people pleaser? Do you try and make everything balanced and harmonious for everyone in your life? Conflict perhaps terrifies you and you assume the role that it’s your job to shift the energy, emotionally lighten the load and make everything peachy keen rosy again?

Well it’s not your job. And if you do feel this way, it can create a life-long pattern that leaves you feeling powerless and emotionally drained. You will manifest all sorts of obstacles that block your flow of abundance and well-being. However, once you recognize the pattern, and you can release yourself from this burden, then the beauty of life starts to take a turn in a different direction for you to embrace.

The seeming mess, chaos and darkness that you experience in life isn’t an opportunity to be frightened. It’s a calling from your soul to rise up with bravery and face your feelings. Dive in deep – this helps to create profound levels of personal transformation and self-awareness.

Ever since I was a child I would feel responsible for the way that others would feel. I grew up in a home that had a lot of love, but a lot of emotional drama. It was a crap-load of dysfunction actually, but I wouldn’t change my childhood even if I could. My parents would argue almost daily. If they weren’t arguing they seemed to be so emotionally disconnected from one another.

This seeded a very deep belief in my soul…


I don’t think I ever really understood that it’s okay to have a time-out, to go to your separate corners and incubate your feelings back to a space of love.

In relationships I would bully the situation, I would force it, push it, demand that my needs get met in that moment without any form of compassion that the other person has their own way of coping.

Now, at 52 years old, after going to seminars, working with people like Bryon Katie, sessions with light workers and the generous wisdom offered by beautiful mentors, I have slowly begun to understand that space and time (and allowing for space) is the fundamental healing property for all conflict resolution.

Me – just like everyone in this entire Universe – is an ongoing work-in-progress. I slip up from time to time and lapse back into old patterns, but I am committed to cultivating the awareness that there always has to be a better way and that LOVE fixes almost everything.




This means loving yourself enough to get some space to push the reset button.

Otherwise you’re sweeping everything under the rug, you’re sugar-coating a turd and you’re building a house on sand.

Get super-vulnerable with yourself. Seek your own safety from within and allow the darkness the space it needs in order to make those inner stars twinkle again. xo

If you’re interested in removing some of the blocks and reshaping your beliefs around relationships and abundance then I would highly encourage joining me in doing a Vision Board January 8 with me,insight, releasing ceremony, getting clear on your affirmation, journaling, worksheets to get all of your feelings out of your head and onto paper so that you can create the most miraculous life.


Mary June Tracy The Guru Mama



Spread the Love, Spread the Cheer



Anyone can meet negative with negative. But you? You Can do more. You can be the light. You can let the Love flood.

Right now outside is -26C, somewhere in the world I know it must be +26C. It warms me to know it can be warm somewhere. I Love the heat, in all areas including within my soul. When I feel stuck within me. The fear is creeping in I go and sit and chat with my Angels.

So I tell them of the latest calamities and I hear them say:

You must not let these outside energies dictate you.

You must create instead of react.

What energy do you want your life to have? Your family? Your business?

Decide on that, then live from the center of that energy.

These are words I have said to my clients and to myself often.

Create instead of react.

It feels good to come home, here to the center of my being.

Outside, the world is swirling.

Here, all is calm. Here, all is good. From here, miracles can be created.

Love you all, Thank you
Blessings Mama G

Starting at the Start Line

Sounds like a crazy statement ~ of course you start at the start line. Where else would you start?thankful

Sometimes in life you feel you are far from that start line. Somewhere in the middle and life is rolling along. Then the carpet seems to be rolled up and you are at the start line again.

That is what the energies are doing to us right now,. When I say energies I meaning that astrologically up in the sky where the planets and stars align affect us. Why? There is something called gravitation. This affects everyone. It plays no distinction on who or what you are. When the line up in a certain way it pulls at us. It stirs up emotions and feelings at times. Even has an effect on the weather, tides and oh yea women’s cycles.

We as a consciousness have been a little out of it with understanding this all. We have moved so fast forward (so we think) that we have a disconnect with the earth or Gaia as many of us call her.

Having to re~boot right now is what is happening? Being at a start line is a time to re~evaluate, re-look at, re~boot. These are only a few Re’s. When you feel this happening and it feels like you have been cursed or life is throwing more shit your way or you just feel you are in a funk.

▪ Get a reiki ~ book in a healing

▪ Put on some funky music and dance

▪ Take a nap

▪ Journal

▪ Get a reading

▪ Drive out into nature or the mountains or a lake

▪ Go to a local nursery and look or buy some plants

Taking a couple steps for yourself will help you. For me restarting is not a new thing. Each time it feels like a bitch. But when I get through it all wow what a difference it has made to my soul. How much closer I feel to self. I am rebuilding my website and this giving me a chance to re think of what I want. How I want it. Yes it is going to be a journey but one that i knew I had to do.

I hope you take time to know your soul during this restart time. You will blossom. Call in your inner Goddess and let her Radiate and shine. Call in The Goddess Durga for protection and boundaries. We are going through a sacred time. So honour thy self.

Remember when you are at a start line does not mean you failed, or your a loser. You have time to check out what has been working and what isn’t.

Down for the Count


Not too sure if you do it. But I sure the hell do. My mind can go to the worse case scenario less than .08secs. I get caught up on where I think I need to be. I see others zooming past me at light speed. I feel there is no way I can catch up to them. So I flop on my bed cuddle up to my computer and Netflix’s and let life drift by. I am down forthe count.

For me I do need down days but now down so low days I feel like crap days. Those arethe days are the days to force yourself to get going on what You need for you. With media, information coming to us so fast we can get more overwhelmed than ever. Don’t let Netflix take your life away. lol ( I like Netflix by the way.) This the time you need to meditate extra, do a prayer and journal to let out that anxiety. Get out of thehouse, go to the park, change up the scenery.

Life can get overloaded. One of my missions is to reach out and give people a hand. I want to be able to reach more people to show them that they are love, they are harmony and your life can be blissful. That is one of the reason’s I am stepping into being a Spiritual Life Coach. It is what I do. But for me it is giving more depth to people and their lives. What does that mean for me? Taking more workshops, reading more books. And allowing my new teachers to come to me so I am able to help others more.

My life can over take me so easily. I know yours can too. If 80 percent of success is, as Woody Allen once said, just showing up, then you need to start showing up for your life. You have gifts that God has given you, it is what you do with is your gift to God.

When I was little I loved the Miss America pageant. It was so glorious and beautiful.The dresses, hair and make up. I loved it. I wanted to do that. But I felt I was not talented or gifted. “You had to be able to sing, dance, or play an instrument. I felt those were the gifts you had to have to be someone. But my mother would look at me and with her wonderful smile. And say those are talents, anyone can learn a talent. But you are a gift and your gifts lay with in your heart. And whenever you smile or hug someone you are giving your gift to them and they to you. Because you are bringing them that something extra special.” At 5 i didn’t get it. But I knew my mom was always right.

When I feel like I down for the count I think of my mom’s words and the love she had for me. And all my worries of whatever I was worried about fades away. That is my gift to you. For you to know, that, you all gifts and the most simplest gifts are themost precious.

Stand in your Love for that is your true core.

Mama G


The tree of advice. We have come to this lovely place called earth to go on a earth walk of life. We treecome to meet people, fall in love, fall out of love, get married, have children and the list goes on. A lot of time we rush thru it and don’t just be. You know the saying. “Time just got away from me.” or “Time Just passed me by.” Yikes.

What a world. In our journey there is so much joy and yes sorrow. I know many of you are feeling the transitions happening in the world around us. Many are getting into fear, others don’t want to get into the fear. Lets begin to look at the joy around us. Change can be scary. In my life big change is an ever happening thing. From homes, to work, to life in general. But what is always constant is my inner self. My inner self or my inner B continues to be strong even when my mind is telling me different. When my two eyes are seeing the shit flying around my third eye is saying peace.

Change happens and the timing of some of it isn’t what we think it should be. Did you catch that? What we think it should be. We have an idea of what is good and bad. How we experience it and feel it, is up to us. When life is giving you what feels like the dump of shit. What should you do?

  • Meditation, quiet time.
  • Mama G’s Bath bomb Bath.
  • Journal
  • Be open to abundance and positive energy in all ways as it comes to you.
  • Prayer
  • Do you a set of Mala Beads, start to use them
  • Exercise, go for a walk. Do you do Yoga? YouTube a yoga relaxation

I do understand change and all the stresses it gives us. I get it. I know that bitching and complaining about it isn’t going to help it. Having a good cry will help. Talking to a good friend and releasing. Then listening. Listening to that inner voice that says, how about if you do this? or Go for a walk? Take a nap.

Listening to the body and what it is telling you is important. It is the first point of access tothe world around you.

And if all else isn’t working DANCE! Get up and shake your body and feel the vibes. Know that you are vibrate and you are moving.

I just want you all to know. That time can slip away from us and that in being in the now. This helps with the changes of life. So Dance! Just take one step and don’t get in the shit storm.
And if it gets too much take a time out.