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Yearly Reading for 2020

Discover what 2020 has for you ~  Money, Love, Relationships, Career, Spiritual, Sex……   2019 has been a roller-coaster of emotions, spiritual growth, transformation, loss, gains & ground making moves in our lives.

It would be nice to have a road map to all this for 2020.  There is ~ it is the stars, How they move across the heavens and speak to one another.  How that comes to us in.

A yearly reading ~  You will receive a video of what is in store for you astrological for 2020 plus a month to month Tarot reading along with the astrology reading.  You will also receive little helpful hints on meditations, foods, and other guidance.

All I need from you is your DOB and where to send your video.

To order NOW ~  $225 limit number of readings will be done.  Order your today.  


Natal Chart Reading

Discover what your astrological energy is primed for you to do. Is it a good time to apply for a job? Maybe you should be focusing on your creativity. Find out!

In this personalized video that I will email to you, I will read your astrological charts for the current day to bring awareness about the energies going on around you.  Give you a look into the year a head.  Astrologically, I’ll be looking at your day’s transits.

No one has a chart like you, so each person’s reading will be different based on where the planets are now and where they were at your birth. You will need to supply your birth date, birth time (ideally, if available), and birthplace.

To further inform the astrology, I will be doing a mini tarot card reading to solidify the message and guidance you’ll receive.

What people are saying…

“Mary June Tracy you absolutely fucking rock. So powerful and so bang on it was amazing. All you said I have been feeling might be the correct path for me. Love you so much and best  bucks ever spent. Love you dear.”
– Kerriene

I received my reading!! Thank you very much for taking your time and doing this for me. Xox. Will be needing to re listen a few times. Beautiful and soooooo spot on annnnnnd so much juicy information. Thanks again xo” – KL

“Just finished listening to it, thank you! I have so much to say about it, but all I can really get out is, WOW!” – HS


Get your Natal Chart Reading today for only $250.00!


Horoscope Tarot Messages!

What I offer to you is messages from your angels, planets and beyond. Each month I will send to your inbox a channeled message.  I will use your DOB and you may have questions for that month.  The message will be delivered the first week of each month.

Cost for  a 6 month package $180  

or a monthly message $35/month ( order must be in before the beginning of each month)

6 Months  

Try Just 1 month only $35 ~ 

You may by etransfer for any of the products ~


What People are saying:

My first reading with Mary June Tracy was in February 2017.  Only days earlier, I had made an important life decision and what she said, to me, was Spirit confirming that it was the right one.  That reading was one, very important sign, of many over those few days, that I was on the right track.  Mary June relayed a number of specifics about my life that I could immediately validate or that made sense to me later in the year.

In early 2018 I began feeling stuck in this same aspect of my life and kept thinking about having another reading with Mary June. At the peak of my frustration in March, I booked another session and I was not disappointed!  It was mind-blowing how much of what I was experiencing, pondering and wanting guidance on her reading tapped into.  And as I had hoped, her words were just what I needed to lift me back into the Light so I could once again feel hopeful and on track with my life.  Though I am very tapped into Spirit myself, sometimes we just need that confirmation from another source and Mary June is that for me.  I highly recommend her services.

Sandra Kinnear

Joan Fisk Mary June is so accurate , enjoy them every month. Best investment on me…

Francis MacCallum Got it, & it’s amazing

Thank you so much. That was amazing 💜🙏🏻Tracy

It was funny to hear my April horoscope. You mentioned travel. I am traveling to BC for work. I am always yearning to go far away so that is pretty accurate. You also mentioned education. I am awaiting to hear back on my acceptance into my Master of Nursing program. I should know by mid April. You also mentioned a cleanse. I already have the things I need to do that for April!! Haha. So bang on Mary June. Have a great day.

Michelle Monkman

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