Astro Tarot Readings

Discover what your astrological energy is primed for you to do. Is it a good time to apply for a job? Maybe you should be focusing on your creativity. Find out!

In this personalized 15-minute video that I will email to you, I will read your astrological charts for the current day to bring awareness about the energies going on around you. Astrologically, I’ll be looking at your day’s transits. No one has a chart like you, so each person’s reading will be different based on where the planets are now and where they were at your birth. You will need to supply your birth date, birth time (ideally, if available), and birthplace.

To further inform the astrology, I will be doing a mini tarot card reading to solidify the message and guidance you’ll receive.

What people are saying…

“Mary June Tracy you absolutely fucking rock. So powerful and so bang on it was amazing. All you said I have been feeling might be the correct path for me. Love you so much and best  bucks ever spent. Love you dear.” (Note: that the Astro Tarot Readings are no longer on promotion.)
– Kerriene

I received my reading!! Thank you very much for taking your time and doing this for me. Xox. Will be needing to re listen a few times. Beautiful and soooooo spot on annnnnnd so much juicy information. Thanks again xo” – KL

“Just finished listening to it, thank you! I have so much to say about it, but all I can really get out is, WOW!” – HS

Get your Astro Tarot Reading today for only $50.00!

You can pre-buy packages of readings to be used later.