Angel Workshops


Angel Magic 

Come Join on a 4  week joining into the Magic and wonder of Angels.  Mama Will introduce you to many beautiful angels to work with.   Angels are an energy that works with everyone.  Angels don’t belong to anyone or any religion or spiritual group.  They work with you and for you.    When we begin to work with angels we  are creating an alignment of positive vibrations to aid us in our co-creation of our desires.   That sounds scrumpstious.

We begin the journey on November 5 @ 6:30 pm MNT.

Day 1 is and introductions to the angels. Who they are and how can they help us. We will welcom them and let them know our desires.   We will Plan an Angel Day on any problem, choice or situations to help get resolved.  Close off with discusing items for our Angel Altar.   ( All classes are online via Zoom. They are recorded and you receive a recording.)

Day 2 Create our altar, Angel water, and do a little Knot Magick for the Season. ( you will be given a list for supplies.)   Create an Angel Calendar for 2020

Day 3 Chakra clearing  with the Angels, Meidtaiton & an angelic alignment.  We will create Angelic Ritual ~ And do some guardian Angel Magick.  Angel pillow, angel ceremony lights & work on some Sigils.

Day 4 Let us make a talismans with the Angels & some angelic Runes for you to use. We weill do an Angelic reading. With few  more little fun things

All classes are Tuesday evening via zoom  Cost $222

Payment plans are available and vary depending on you.

To register $25 deposit or full payment

etransfer  or

$25 Deposit

full payment $222










Angel Alchemy 

One the coolest workshops I offer. I am offering it for this workshop twice a year online. 5 weeks of working with the one and only angelic realm. Diving into the energies of the divine beings that are here to guide, comfort and teach us without judgement.
This 5 week workshop we will be building a medicine wheel with 16 archangels and the Divine mother in the center. This wheel can be used in your healing center, healing room, home, office. and so many more places. You are attuned to each angel and learn how they feel and interact with you. The wheel is made from river rocks and you create the wheel along with me and the angels.
You will need 17 river rocks palm size. A Deck of Angel Oracle cards.
Sharpie Paint Pen or one similar to write on your rocks & color
All meetings will be on Zoom & recorded
You will receive weekly hand outs.
Cost $444
Begins  Oct 1 2019 ~ Oct 29 2019 Every Tuesday evening) or March 4 ~ April 1 2020 Every Wednesday evening)  @ 6:30 pm via Zoom
or etransfer
Payment Plans available Please inquiry Contact  me.
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