Manifesting some Cool ASS ShIT

A weekend of Creating Abundance from the Mundane to the Magnificent

When I took this picture it was a day I felt like crap.  Wanting to give up and walk away.  But when I looked at how the sun came through and danced on the grass. I knew it was a gift of a new day unfolding.  Everyday is a new day unfolding and we miss out on understanding this.

The Guru Mama House want’s to offer you a 2 day of unfolding your soul.  Letting go of the world around you and stepping into the newness that is you.  Bring in the juiciness of your scrumptious sexy self and touch that beauty with in.    This 1 day workshop will offer you new rituals, release old stories and create new ones.  We will introduce new ways to meditate, and be involved in your life.  We will dive into the undercurrent of you life and pull out what you have been longing for.  We will meditate, dance, eat, laugh and cry together as we learn to love our darkness and our light. Together we re-member what it means to live every minute in our juicy scrumptiousness of our light.

Because Mama G will be holding such an intense and deep space, this weekend event is limited.

Mama G ~ Mary June Tracy

Mama G as many call her teaches using story, humor, and some salty language. She’s ridiculously curious with a wide variety of things she calls her mission.

cropped-IMG_0148.jpg She’s a low level chronic complainer who periodically gets riled up enough about something to write about it. She is a trained Shaman, a Reiki Master, Psychic Medium and soulful teacher has 30 years experience guiding people through transition and loves to help you rewrite your stories about life.

 Her passion is geared toward restoring you through alchemical processes to a Being who lives and loves from a centered, grounded, totally in your True Power place. She uses any tools she can find to assist from reading your energy code, her healing techniques, herbs, oracle cards, tarot, angel cards and Reiki, maybe a cup of coffee & chocolate and Netflix. Her gift is guiding you to face the darkness and own your power through deep love and laughter.


The workshop ~ March 25 8:30 am  ~ 6 pm ~ snacks and lunch provided along with her specialty teas and coffee. Lots of laughter, tears and transformation.

Your investments in the transformation $297

To hold you spot for the Manifesting some cool ass Shit!(non~refundable)

$100 Deposit


Full Payment $297 including GST